FAQ: Local Community

  • How will the facility benefit the local community?

    Managing waste (as RDF) locally will help to potentially reduce waste management and transport costs for the Local Authority, which will enable funds to be redirected to other services; the same factor will also potentially reduce the operating costs of local businesses, thus supporting their economic viability and potential growth.

    Energy in the form of heat and/or electricity could be routed to nearby businesses, similarly reducing their operating costs and thus supporting their economic viability and potential growth.

    The facility will reduce greenhouse gas emissions (when compared to fossil fuel energy generation) thus assisting in combating the effects of climate change and meeting European and national targets for renewable energy generation.

  • What about construction phase employment opportunities?

    There will be some local jobs created during the construction of the plant, which will largely be for the foundations, structures and building works. The gasification and associated process equipment comes mostly from specialist suppliers, and is pre-fabricated or manufactured remotely. It is brought to site and assembled by specialist teams familiar with the equipment.

    There will also be local supply chain opportunities for many supporting trades and functions, such as catering, accommodation, transportation, plant and equipment hire, maintenance, small fabrication services and other essential site support functions such as security and safety staff and other consultants.

    A ‘meet the buyer’ event will be held by the selected construction company prior to site start, in order to maximise local employment and supply opportunities.

  • What jobs will be created - how will local people benefit?

    There will be employment opportunities for up to 20 people for the REC, which will need a range of skills and lead to potential apprenticeship opportunities.  In general, people will be recruited from the surrounding area, as it is important that the staff operating the facility live locally. There will also be indirect employment for local deliveries, maintenance and support. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the proposed warehouse to the front of the site will offer up to 28 job opportunities.