Potential clean-tech energy centre for North Warwickshire

July 17 2017

29 April 2016

A potential new project to create a decentralised, off-grid, sustainable energy centre to supply cheaper local energy to North Warwickshire businesses is being explored. Distributed energy development company, Rolton Kilbride, is currently preparing a planning application to develop the clean-tech energy centre at Faraday Avenue, Hams Hall. 

Energy would be generated from non-recyclable waste and would provide sustainable power at a lower rate to large local commercial energy users, bringing down the cost of doing business in North Warwickshire. It would also offer a sustainable and predictable energy source, support the local economy, and create local jobs in the area.

The project is a collaboration between the site owners and energy specialists, Rolton Kilbride, who have been brought in to develop and manage the site. The centre would use a modern Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) process called gasification, where non-recyclable waste is heated to a high temperature, rather than burned.  The result is much cleaner power and heat.

This site has been identified as an ideal location, sitting within an existing industrial site. Proposals will be designed to minimise movement of vehicles as much as possible. 

Over the coming months, meetings, forums and online consultations will ensure that there are opportunities to find out more about the proposed energy centre, potential timings, job opportunities and commercial benefits, and to hear views from the public on the proposal. If planning permission is granted, and following a tender process, the energy centre could become operational in approximately three years.

Andrew Needham, Managing Director of Rolton Kilbride, said: “Creating secure, predictable and sustainable off-grid energy sources is front of mind for many people, and this project has the potential to do just that in North Warwickshire.”

Rolton Kilbride is a collaboration between Rolton Group, a long established, multi-disciplined engineering consultancy with specialism in clean-tech and Kilbride, which offers expertise in development and infrastructure.

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