July 13 2017

Jul 25, 2016

The developer of a proposed Renewable Energy Centre (REC) at Keypoint Swindon is inviting local residents and members of the public to contact them about the proposal.

As part of its continuing consultation, Rolton Kilbride is inviting anyone with questions about the project to get in touch via its website The developer is briefing stakeholders to discuss the plans.

The company submitted the application to Swindon Borough Council in June to construct and operate the energy centre on the existing industrial site.

Ian Crummack, spokesman for Rolton Kilbride said: “It is important that people are able to find out information and feel they can approach us with any concerns they have over our proposals. We have already run public exhibitions, but we wanted to reassure the public and local residents that they can get in touch with us direct.

“In the wake of the recent EU referendum there is much uncertainty about the future for development projects across the industry. The need for renewable energy generation and distribution remains paramount, so we are pleased to be able to affirm our commitment to continue to pursue plans for the centre in Swindon.”

The proposed facility would recover energy from residual waste in the form of renewable heat and electricity, which could be exported to commercial energy users in Swindon. This could significantly benefit local businesses, reducing their operating costs and supporting their economic viability and potential growth.

Managing waste locally could potentially reduce waste management and transport costs for the Local Authority, enabling funds to be redirected to other services.

The Energy Centre is expected to generate up to 20 new jobs.

If planning permission is granted, and following a tender process, the energy centre could become operational in approximately three years.

The developer has produced a full set of FAQs about the project that can be viewed by visiting