Update on Keypoint Swindon as appeal is allowed

June 10 2019

A spokesperson for Rolton Kilbride said: "We welcome the inspector’s conclusion. It is our view that this appeal should not have had to take place. However, we understand that councils have a difficult job in making these decisions and balancing different points of view.

"There exists a large amount of misinformation regarding energy from waste facilities. This appeal has shone a light on some of these myths.

"Planning applications for large infrastructure projects must be given the fullest consideration possible, ensuring that all information is factual and based on an accurate understanding of the technology.

"Rolton Kilbride want to be a good and considerate neighbour and have worked with the Bodleian Library to address their concerns. We have said, from the outset of the process, that we are committed to working with the community, and that remains the case.

"The UK economy depends on a safe, clean and secure supply of energy and we are committed to do all we can to support business in Swindon, ensuring that renewable energy is as the heart of Swindon’s industry."