Rolton Kilbride thanks residents for attending consultation

July 17 2017

01 June 2016

Rolton Kilbride would like to thank local residents in Hams Hall for attending the public consultation exhibition at the Lea Marston hotel last month.

The company is currently finalising its planning application to build a gasification centre on the industrial site at Faraday Avenue, Hams Hall.

Residents were invited to view plans and meet members of the Rolton Kilbride team to ask questions, comment and find out more about the proposal.

Andrew Needham, Managing Director of Rolton Kilbride, said: “The exhibition was really well attended and we would like to thank people for giving up their time to share their views. We’ve begun the process of evaluating feedback and reviewing how suggestions might be incorporated into our plans to move the project on to the next phase.”

The centre would use a modern Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) process called gasification, which uses refuse derived fuel – waste after recycling has taken place. This is converted into a synthetic gas (and ash) by using an external heat source in a low oxygen environment, and both heat and power are produced.

The facility would provide predictable and sustainable energy source. Both the power and heat generated would be offered to local businesses at a lower rate.

Rolton Kilbride is keen to provide opportunities for local supply chain businesses, which will be promoted during the construction phase, creating jobs and supporting the local economy.

More information about the plans and Rolton Kilbride can be found on our website.

Rolton Kilbride is a collaboration between Rolton Group, a long established, multi-disciplined engineering consultancy with specialism in clean-tech and Kilbride, which offers expertise in development and infrastructure.